Our Values

Our values are more
than a set of statements.

They are embedded in our brand identity that evolved from the short name of the business – MyEd. From the outset, we wanted to focus on helping parents/carers to make informed decision about their children’s education.

The word ‘My’ in the business name and in the brand design, represented by a hand holding a book depicts our philosophy of putting the individual at the heart of what we do. We want people to own their education - to see it as something they can take control of rather than something that happens to them.

We offer a ‘helping hand’ to everyone searching for a place to learn and develop. Our values guide us to conduct all aspects of our business ‘by the book’. We strive to create a trusted brand and to be the ‘go-to place’ for helping parents/carers make informed decisions about their children’s education.

We are inclusive and open, aiming to reach all young learners; innovative and enterprising in facilitating transformation of education for the new era; and responsive to the rapidly changing business environment and the needs of our stakeholders. These values are summarised in the statement:

Keeping the individual learner at the heart of what we do and conducting our business with integrity, creativity and enterprise.

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